Many of us spend a lot of our time up in our heads. Especially here in the big city.

So the goal in all of our programs is to help kids understand their own bodies and find their physical power. 

We teach them how to ground themselves in space and gain awareness of their own systems – how to settle them if they are running high and bouncy, and how to break them free if things are feeling tight and stuck. The kids naturally learn to work together – taking in physical information from those around them – on stage and off. The anchor of this approach is for kids to practice accessing moments in their own lives when their body was at its strongest, happiest, and freest. Through tons of improv, a little bit of pen to paper and even some mediation, the kids recreate everything they can remember: What can they see? What can they smell? Touch? Taste? Feel on their skin? The kids integrate these moments as they develop their voice, movement and acting technique. When the time comes to step on stage and perform, They are connected to themselves, their own strengths and experiences,  and to one another.

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